Monday, 15 October 2007


Drowned In Sound and partners Silentway have entered into a joint venture with British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). The new company, Quietus Group, will create a body of new sites based upon the Drowned In Sound template.

With Sean Adams as Editor-In-Chief, Quietus Group will build a substantial editorial, technical and design team based at its offices in Paddington. The deal will also allow the company to use its unique formula of user interaction and intelligent creative editorial to produce new sites, based on the Drowned In Sound model but aimed at broader audiences.

Sean says; “This is a really significant deal for everyone at It means we can take the site into a much more honed and professional realm. What’s most exciting is that this finally provides an opportunity to invest in and develop many of the ideas I’ve had on the backburner for years. This deal enables us to launch several similar editorially-led communities which I believe will have a real impact on the tone of modern music.”

Notes for editors;

One of the first sites to truly engage readers with interactive articles, message boards, and user identities, has become Europe’s most influential music site. With its unique approach to accountable ‘two way’ journalism, where debate between editorial and readership is constant and often passionate, DiS users often guide reporting through reaction to the site’s instant music news.

Starting life as a blog in the bedroom of founder Sean Adams, DiS has grown to become one of the leading tastemakers in UK music, with over 300,000 unique users every month, and a critically acclaimed independent record label instrumental in launching the careers of Bat For Lashes, Kaiser Chiefs, and Martha Wainwright. The label and other Drowned In Sound companies are not included in the JV.

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Friday, 5 October 2007

"Why have I sold out? You think I'm supposed to grow old, beating some trite old protest drum that people don't hear anymore? Please; protest is now just a backdrop for a Diesel clothing ad in a slick fashion magazine. My goal is to create a metaphor that changes our reality by charming people into considering their world in a different way. It's time -- for me, at least -- to be clever and seduce people by entertaining them. I'll never be heard if I'm always ranting and griping."
- Chuck Palahniuk

"We sat in the Korova Milkbar making up rassoodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard though dry. The Korova Milkbar was a milk-plus mesto, and you may, O my brothers, have forgotten what these mestos were like, things changing so skorry these days, and everybody very quick to forget, newspapers not being read much neither."
- Anthony Burgess 'A Clockwork Orange'

"You've all suffered from their cruelty - the ear loppings, the beatings, the blindings with hot irons, the burning of our farms and homes, the mistreatment of our women. It's time to put an end to this! [Cheers] Now, this forest is wide. It can shelter and clothe and feed a band of good, determined men - good swordsmen, good archers, good fighters. Men, if you're willing to fight for our people, I want you! Are you with me?"
- Sir Robin of Locksley 'The Adventures of Robin Hood'

"The consistent anarchist, then, should be a socialist, but a socialist of a particular sort. He will not only oppose alienated and specialized labor and look forward to the appropriation of capital by the whole body of workers, but he will also insist that this appropriation be direct, not exercised by some elite force acting in the name of the proletariat."
- Noam Chomsky

"I have protected myself from ever having to sell out by having nothing to sell out."
- Anthony H Wilson '24hr Party People'

"I never make stupid mistakes, only very, very clever ones."
- John Peel

"Honest poverty is a gem that even a King might be proud to call his own, but I wish to sell out. I have sported that kind of jewelry long enough."
- Mark Twain in a letter to San Francisco Alta California, written May 26, 1867; published July 21, 1867


"The difference between a brave man and a coward is a coward thinks twice before jumping in the cage with a lion. The brave man doesn't know what a lion is. He just thinks he does."
- Charles Bukowski, "Notes of a Dirty Old Man"

"There's nothing to mourn about death any more than there is to mourn about the growing of a flower. What is terrible is not death but the lives people live or don't live up until their death. They don't honor their own lives, they piss on their lives. They shit them away. Dumb fuckers. They concentrate too much on fucking, movies, money, family, fucking. Their minds are full of cotton. They swallow God without thinking, they swallow country without thinking. Soon they forget how to think, they let others think for them. Their brains are stuffed with cotton. They look ugly, they talk ugly, they walk ugly. Play them the great music of the centuries and they can't hear it. Most people's deaths are a sham."
- Charles Bukowski, "The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors have taken over the Ship "

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Quotes of the Day

"If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up."
Hunter S. Thompson

"It is a fact that nine-tenths of the HUMAN RACE never have and never will think for themselves, about anything. Whether it's music or Reaganomics, say, almost everybody prefers to sit and wait till somebody who seems to have some kind of authority even if it's seldom too clear just where they got it to come along and inform them one and all what their position on the matter should be. Then they all agree that this is gospel, and gang up to persecute whatever minority might happen to disagree. This is the history of the human race, certainly the history of music."
Lester Bangs

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